To pass your learners license test you must know the following:Be of age, 17 years or older.Copy of ID document.2 recent ID photos, or you can have them taken at the traffic department.Completed blue form from the license department.Eye test which you can have at any optometrist or at the traffic department to pass the health and eyesight requirements.Copy of receipt once paid.Know the rules of the road.Know the traffic signs, signals, surface markings and the controls of the vehicle.Not to be addicted to narcotics or excessive use of intoxicating liquor.Comply with all the instructors given instructions by the testing officer.


Continually look ahead, behind and sideways for any hazards. A hazard is anything that could cause you to reduce speed or change direction.


Classify the type of hazard in terms of how it might affect your speed or direction of travel.


Evaluate the dangers associated with the hazard and how you could react to it.


Choose a reaction that ensures everyone’s safety.


Carry out the chosen action.

Each move has its own specific requirement that forms part of the K53 system.

Own the K53 driving requirements and know it well.

Any further information that might be required, can be found in the Official K53 Learners and Drivers Made Easy latest  Edition book. It can be purchased at Exclusive Books, CNA or any other book stores.