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Legal Requirements

Holding a drivers license is a privilege not a right. When you accept the privilege of holding a K53 defensive driving license you also accept extra responsibility’s as a SA road user.

You have to constantly stay focused and concentrate on the task of safe driving,

whenever you are operating your vehicle.

You will at all times apply common sense and courteous behavior when you are behind the wheel. You have to at all times have clear thinking and a sober mind, so to prevent yourself and those around you, from becoming another road casualty.

The South African Traffic laws and regulations, as set out in the National Road Traffic act and regulations must be obeyed at all times.

Your driving license can be suspended or even cancelled entirely if you do not obey the laws and regulations. You can also be sent to jail, and you could incur a criminal record. Speed limits are there for a reason. Remember your brain continues to travel forward when your vehicle stops. A sudden stop or impact in a collision is what kills. The K53 driving license test is based on a standard that has been validated over many countries and found to be excellent. You can no longer rely on family or friends to teach you to drive with K53, only a qualified driving instructor has the knowledge and experience that is needed to teach you the procedures you have to use for the K53 defensive diving system. It is advisable to do about 10 to 20 hours of driving lessons, so you can completely satisfy yourself that you are ready to do your license test. However 10 hours are normally enough for a learner driver if they have been driving. Investing in driving lessons is essential and a long-term investment to everyone safety on the road.


First make sure your learner’s license is still valid. Learner’s license is valid for 24 months. It covers the rules of the road, road signs, signals, road markings and the controls of the vehicle. Comply with all the instructions given by the officer. A yard test at the traffic department, where you will reverse, park from different directions and moving off an incline. Also driving on the instructors drive route which you will be familiar with as I would have taken you on it. The control and handling of the vehicle safety and competence. Your ability to apply the K53 defensive driving system. How to cope with traffic, pedestrians and route conditions. How to be courteous to other road users.


The driving license test consists of 2 separate parts, each of which must be successfully completed. If you fail either of these parts of the test, the test will be discontinued immediately and you will have to re do your test at a later stage. You must ask the examiner any questions about the test. On completion of the test, whether you have passed or not, you must sign the test report and be given a copy after it has been discussed with you and the traffic instructor. A pre trip inspection of the vehicle. The time allocated for the yard test is 20 minutes in total, plus 59 seconds grace period. If you pass these 2 aspects of the test, you will continue with the practice driving test on the public road, which should take about 20 – 45 minutes.


You must be in possession of a valid learner’s license. Be of 18 years or older. Have a road worthy test vehicle, which you can use of your driving instructor, since you have learnt to drive in it, it is advisable as you will be relaxed and confident and familiar with the vehicle. Have 3 ID photos, which can be taken at the license department. The prescribed fee for the license which will be issued to you when you have successfully completed the test.